About Us 2013/07/16

INOVIT – we pride ourselves on our skills in innovation, striving to keep one step ahead of our competition with designs and technology right at the forefront of the industry.

We are celebrating our 15th year this year and we have decided to ‘innovate’ our image with our brand new logo. 15 years ago, we started from a home office in a small flat. As a trading company, we bought and sold wheels and tires from suppliers who are now our competitors! In 15 years we have grown vastly and we are still growing! 

Today see's our state of the art office facilities across all of our worldwide branches, and we have opened our newest warehouse and INOVIT operation in Mumbai, India. This brings the total of INOVIT operations worldwide to 7 with the 8th already in the pipeline! International in England, INOVIT BV in the Netherlands, INOVIT Shanghai in China, INOVIT Inc. in California, USA, INOVIT SRL in Italy, INOVIT PTY in Australia, and now INOVIT Neo in India. In response to the demand for our products and services, we are opening new branches as well as doubling the size of existing operations in the United States and the Netherlands. 

Not many companies can achieve what we have in this short space of time – from where we started to where we are now and we STILL have our founding members in our company, proving how passionate we still are about our business!

Every INOVIT wheel uses the very latest heat treatment technologies to ensure the utmost strength and rigidity combined with optimum weight. Each of our designs in all of our ranges is designed with passion and manufactured to the very highest standards. Using breakthrough technologies like back-milling and side-milling to remove weight without compromising strength and adding an improved design element proves we know what we are doing! We offer an eclectic range of designs to suit everything from an Audi to a Zonda, in monoblock AND multi-piece styles. INOVIT is one of the few companies in the industry to keep bringing original concepts and designs to the market.

INOVIT represents the latests trends with our 4 unique ranges – INOVIT -- INOVIT PRESTIGE -- MANIA -- ASUKA.