Showing at the Shanghai CITEXPO

Friday, 18 September 2009

INOVIT attends the Shanghai CITEXPO. It’s the biggest trade show in the Far East and Inovit exhibited the largest number of wheels from any manufacturer and also had one of the biggest trade stands for a private organization anyone had seen before!

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John: 06/14/2015 10:07:17

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Xristina: 06/12/2015 16:35:44

The short answer is, beevile it or not, YES. In fact, that's what the Mavic Speedcity wheelset is made for. Just keep tires thin.How is it possible? Because 700 C and 26 are just nominal diameters for tires.The true (bead seat) diameter for a 26 rim is 559 mm. A 26 2.20 tire will add about 57 mm on each side. That gives us an outer diameter of 673 mm. But a mountain frame also needs additional clearance for mud. For that reason, a cross country mountain bike frame usually has a total clearance of about 700 mm.For a 700 C rim, the true diameter is 622 mm. A 700 25C (25-622) tire will add about 25 mm on each side, making a total diameter of 672 mm. In other words, a thin tire on a 700 C wheel has about the same diameter as a big 26 cross country tire.If you can only fit a 26 2.1 mountain bike tire, you will need a 700 20C (20-622) road tire.

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