Thursday, 02 August 2012
The decision was taken to undertake the project of building our very own factory, and in February 2009 the first construction work began.

In September 2009,the factory buildings are completed and work begins on the interior fittings for the staff quarters, office buildings and of course the factory operation buildings themselves.

One year later in August 2010,the internal components are completed at the new factory. The manufacturing machinery is installed, the new office block is constructed, and the underground parking lot is finished.

The finishing touches to the factory are completed in October 2011 and the aluminum is delivered, ready for the big switch on of the furnace to start melting and production of alloy wheels to commence. The new factory is nearly operational.

December 2011 – The first wheels roll off the production line and officially the factory is operational. It took less than 3 years from first pencil design by the architect to the first alloy wheels off the production line. We named it proudly after our business and called it Inovit Anhui.

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