Meeting Again at Shanghai CITEXPO 2012

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

CITEXPO 2012 – 16/09/2012 – 20/09/2012 – Once again we are back at CITEXPO in Shanghai, the biggest show of its kind for a specific automotive trade show. Due to being scheduled for exactly the same week as Automechanika we had to box clever as we are very strong in both markets plus visitors could only really be expected to attend 1 of the shows where in recent years gone by they would have attended both. As Inovit now boasts a fantastically strong and dedicated team, we divided our forces and put our efforts into displaying at BOTH trade shows which is something not many companies our size can do! What an effort by our team – we have the biggest stand ever for the CITEXPO and receive a record number of visitors to our booth. Our new 2-piece line in the INOVIT PRESTIGE range is the biggest attraction, as with the Frankfurt show and who can argue why? These wheels are absolutely stunning! Again, the new tire program – Wolfsburg Tires – also generates a lot of interest. We are definitely coming back in 2 years to see what new innovations INOVIT can come up with to keep giving the trade something to follow!
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Sukhbir: 06/11/2015 22:59:32

I'm not even kidding you guys I was clnyicg by Cross Island when this photo shoot happened. Man what a small world!! I wasn't mean mugging the two guys but just being nosy. My bad fam.

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