INOVIT 2014 Annual Party

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

January 25, 2014 was the date set for the global, annual summit for the INOVIT group which was held at Bund 27, The House of Roosevelt in Shanghai. All of the General Managers from each continent flew into Shanghai to attend this event . The summit’s theme: “Ready to Take off”. INOVIT showed off the most infamous wheel styles from the company spanning the past 10 years from where we first launched the INOVIT SPIN to this year's new INOVIT REVOLVE wheel. INOVIT Global CEO Adam Baker summed up the past year for everyone, expressing issues & problems encountered and how we overcame these, to setting our targets & goals for this year and into the future. After that, Victor Mau, the General Manager, gave his speech about the company to the branch managers in order to give everyone an exciting overview of what’s to come and what to expect.

Since the creation of INOVIT to this day we are now 15 years running and still growing. Globally we currently have eight distribution centers ( UK, Netherlands, Italy, India , USA, China , Australia and Japan ) , two factories ( located in China and India ) with overall total sales in excess of 70 million dollars. Finally INOVIT is now embedded in the Chinese market for aftermarket wheels, we are the absolute leader in sales performance brands, and with an aim to become one of the world's largest aftermarket supplier of quality and desirable alloy wheels. With our new factories underway in Suqian and India we will be able to increase our output to all our clients around the world to ensure we have a constant amount of stock readily available.

The troubles we faced in 2013 like the anti dumping laws were the biggest, custom issues in Australia and Europe to the recession that plagues the market despite all this we still had a record year for INOVIT in 2013. We expect to launch INOVIT Japan in January 2015 with our progress and growth we have been approached by investors and we plan to go public in 5 - 7 years time! The reasoning behind the incredible growth is the supporting infrastructure we have with the efision program which organises stocks, contact with dealers, HR and CRM systems all integrated as one user friendly system.

Marketing for any alloy wheel company is critical and you can find us on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WeChat and Weibo. Sponsorship to the drift team CDF (China Drift Formula) in the CDC competition (China Drift Championships) who were crowned champions again in 2013 for their outstanding performance on the track with plans to sponsor more teams in different countries like New Zealand and Ireland.

The celebration on the night had everyone excited for the absolute wonderful views of the Shanghai skyline at night, great food from the award winning restaurant and lots of prizes drawn for all the guests to win. For the finale we saved the most illustrious award for the manager of the year title for 2013 and we proudly acknowledge the exceptional achievements of NICK MURADYAN, The US General Manager, who won the greatest prize of the night and that was a fully expensed holiday including 2 tickets for 2 people for 4 days in HAWAII, we want to thank you Nick for your outstanding performance last year and keep up the good work. The efforts from the other managers are not forgotten either. It had been a great year for all of us and thank you to Alex Khilji, Gavin Hughes, Emanuele, Fabrizio, Sanjay, Satya and of course Nick for coming all this way to attend our wonderful party and wish you all a great year.

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Angel: 06/13/2015 14:31:28

Among all the unreasonable pieicols implemented by China, finally they have done one right thing! Actually, I am surprised that they did not ban your blog as soon as you published your first article.Your next trip to Shanghai? Sorry, but my reliable sources informed me that due to your untruthful reports of what you have experienced in both China and Taiwan, you are not allowed to stay in any of Asian countries anymore, and you will soon be deported from Taiwan. Goodbye, annoying Andrew. I will try every possible way to force myself to miss you.
Alex: 02/25/2014 06:16:21

was a pleasure and an honour to be there, be part of it. unforgettable

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