The New Range of ASUKA RACING

Monday, 10 April 2006
EV32, NZ51, ST16, ST15 joined the TR17 and RD21 in the new range called ASUKA RACING which is focused on the Japanese tuning scene but also with cross-compatibility for European and American brands.
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Anhell: 06/12/2015 18:06:36

The heli pilot was probably so ectxied that he forgot to buckle up, and look how chilly it was outside, maybe the belt wasn't there, or the pilot was bundled up like a Eskimo and had an ill fitted belt. As for the model 30 it had to be rebuilt classic..Ya think;) oh, and he was okay just had a broken arm and a shaken.. [url=]fwlkzzxce[/url] [link=]luvntaazpb[/link]
Ajay: 06/11/2015 16:16:02

This is the most advanced and fowrard thinking 3 channel heli I have ever flown. Great responsiveness and it even banks like a four channel heli. Great build quality and design. I am very excited about this heli .ordered another one today. Only down side is that this model is brand new so product support such as parts are going to be a lot harder to find. Like what I have seen so far when flying it. Trim levels are easy enough to adjust and the hovering on this model is very stable for a single blade configuration. The speed on this thing is definitely past what any other three channel has to offer. The characteristics are far more like a 4 channel with servos that affect the pitch of the blades, vs every other 3 channel that is fixed blade and usually a coax/ double blade configuration. I would not recommend this heli to someone who has never flown a rc helicopter. Start with another Syma Heli, there is a mini s107, regular double horse which is roughly the same size as this one and the volitation which is 26 inches, a fairly large heli. The volitation is great for beginners as well as the s107. I own both and they provide a stable platform to work with while learning to control rc choppers. Both don't take kindly to light winds, but besides that they are great to fly. All syma's have lights found throughout the frame of the chopper. Night flying with any of these models has to be my favorite pastime. I hope you enjoy this addictive hobby and happy flying regardless of what ever model you choose.

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