New INOVIT Inc in the USA

Saturday, 23 August 2008
INOVIT decide to set up its 2nd division, in the USA. With 10 years hard work in Europe and Asia, now INOVIT is going to bring its already popular products into the world’s biggest single market, USA. We are here to stay.

Securing a valued member of staff from the US industry market and our new 10000 squarefoot warhouse in Sante Fe, California, we are ready to serve the west coast.
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Abdulkadir: 06/14/2015 09:55:45

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Septi: 06/12/2015 01:51:22

alexd Hi Alan,Thank you for your enquiry about our alloy rshrubiefment service. The price would be about a360 per wheel; it depends on the condition and what service you require.We will be able to confirm costs when you bring them. Please can you let me know when you can drop them in?Kind regards,Alex

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