The Start

Tuesday, 13 January 1998
The business was started by a single sole wheel trader operating from a home office in the Netherlands, buying and selling wheels and tyres and trading them on to customers in Europe and the UK.

The business grew rapidly and it was clear that expanding the business was going to be necessary in the not-so-distant future.
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Jinhan: 06/12/2015 18:10:43

how did you get that one-piece crank into the frame? is there any chance on a frame with bsa-bottombracket?would you plseae give me a hint?!? thx a lot [url=]mspvgzggz[/url] [link=]ubzagxmtvd[/link]
Cisal: 06/11/2015 20:19:47

(Sports) This bike is sooooo cheap my 7 year old dreoppd the bike- as little boys will do..and the brake handle assembly broke- its made of the cheapest alloy known to man The handle that you squeeze broke when a 7 year old dreoppd the bike I think of the many bikes I've owned and they were alays made out of real metal and this NEVER happened- I've owned expensive bikes and cheap ones and this is the most cheaply made junk I've ever purchased- i'm mad at the lame company that makes this bike!Don't buy this cheap crap!

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