SEMA 2013

Tuesday, 05 November 2013

This year was our 6th annual SEMA show and was an absolute success with the show itself being a great hit with a large number of interests from many customers, so 2014 is looking great! Lots of attention surrounding our latest products that we unveiled at the show

- ‘Speedy’ 20” x 8.5”/10” in Matt Silver and the popular Satin Black with 19” staggered to follow.

- ‘Rotor 2 piece’ 20” x 8.5”/10”/11” Matt Gunmetal face with Gloss Black barrel, Satin Black with Machined barrel.

- ‘Velocity 2 piece’ 20” x 8.5”/10”/11” Matt Gunmetal face with Gloss Black barrel, Satin Black with Machined barrel.

*All available from early 2014 for purchase.

Thank you to everyone that participated with INOVIT at the SEMA show without you all it wouldn’t have been as successful as it was. Special thanks to our great team that were on site looking after our customers and representing INOVIT day after day at the exhibition.

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David: 06/12/2015 18:10:23

I have had this helicopter for about 3-4 weeks now, and it has been great! I enjoy fliyng it as it easy to control. Unfortunately, I accidently made it hit the wall. I was not able to control it, so it fell over the stairs and it hit the tile floor hard. The canopy cracked, but thankfully, I was able to fix it (you can buy other canopies). It fell 15 feet and hit the hard tile floor, and it still worked! I would recommend this to anyone that would like a durable, fun and easy to control helicopter. (at first it`s a little hard, but it`s easy to get the hang of.) I am 12 years old, and it took a couple of days to get the hang of. (18 or older is not correct to me.) [url=]srnwgyfmjjm[/url] [link=]sjdpsd[/link]
Ramazan: 06/11/2015 20:04:06

Just bought one of these 9100 s and the S107 coaixal. The S107 is super simple to fly and rock stable. If you're looking for a heli to play around with indoors, and have never flown one, the S107 is hard to beat. It's durable and capable of precision flight. I have it at work and store it on top of my computer. I can fly it off and land it back to the same place. Lots of fun. The 9100 will fly but it is a little more tricky to control. It's very fast and responsive, which usually means not a good trainer. Once you can stay ahead of it, it's pretty smooth flying. Regarding it pulling left on take off, mine does that too. The way to take off is just give it enough power to overcome the left tendency. And turn (right) away from the direction it's pulling as soon as airborne. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I can hover with this one and fly simple patterns with it. For first flights, make sure to have plenty of room, like a 50 X 50 area and about 12 high. Hovering stable takes a bit of trimming to achieve. But even once airborne, that left pulling tendency shows up intermittently. Just have to watch for it and compensate for it on inputs. From what I've read, the left pulling is common with 3-channel heli's. I read somewhere they are coming out with a newer version that addresses the problem. Watch the 9100 intro on youtube and you can plainly see it favoring left.

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