New Sizes of INOVIT Hustle

Monday, 14 July 2014
Hustle is a First-Class 5-spoke design with a sweeping spoke-line and a seriously deep dish! If you really want to know, the dish on the 22x11 model is a mouth-watering 5.5 inches deep - 'Bigger Lip's than Jagger'! The machined face highlights the edges of each spoke almost giving it a 'twin 5-spoke' look and the Chrome Lip and rivets finishes the wheel off making it a superb SUV and high end 4x4 partnership. The Silver/Machined version gives the consumer the option and we believe in giving everyone the chance to experience the new Hustle, whether your taste is Black or Silver. INOVIT Hustle finishes are specified ...

INOVIT Prestige Velocity

Tuesday, 24 June 2014
The INOVIT Velocity is sure to be one of the major hits in the whole INOVIT range. The VELOCITY is an intricate multi-vein design with a deep concave on the rear to suit market trends. The design also carries the signature teardrop accents. The spoke edges look as if they are incorporated into the lip of the wheel, which is a difficult task to pull off and many manufacturers release sub-standard attempts at this but this is INOVIT Prestige, only perfection is good enough for us. Sharp, aggressive, elegant - three words best describe Velocity perfectly. The INOVIT Prestige Velocity will be available 20" staggered onl...

INOVIT Prestige Rotor

Monday, 23 June 2014
INOVIT Prestige Rotor arrives late to the game in terms of this tried and tested 5-spoke style that is currently setting trends alight across the globe, but that doesn't mean it's not relevant. We have been able to sit back and watch the wealth of copy after copy and decided to employ our own style to this type of design. The result is such that while retaining all of the fantastic yet simple style of the majority, we have added to what was perceived to be a 'perfect design' and made it even better. MSSIVE concave for the rear, ultra aggressive fitments and the signature teardrop accents make this design a sure-fire winner! ...

Two Multi-Spoke Designs from INOVIT

Tuesday, 01 November 2011
Force 4/ Force 5 - two multi-spoke designs, single drilled to keep a premium look over double-drilled rival designs, and available 4 and 5 stud for almost all applications. Also the 5-stud Force 5 is available 15” right the way to 20” staggered! These wheels in staggered and large sizes are literally one of the best sights in the industry!

Great Achievements with the SONIC and HASTE

Wednesday, 09 March 2011
The SONIC inspired by our best-selling VORTEX design and the HASTE a timely replacement for the DTM that served the company so well in the early years. These wheels rejuvenated the range providing it with some modern refreshment but with a classic appeal.