INOVIT Prestige Velocity

Tuesday, 24 June 2014
The INOVIT Velocity is sure to be one of the major hits in the whole INOVIT range. The VELOCITY is an intricate multi-vein design with a deep concave on the rear to suit market trends. The design also carries the signature teardrop accents. The spoke edges look as if they are incorporated into the lip of the wheel, which is a difficult task to pull off and many manufacturers release sub-standard attempts at this but this is INOVIT Prestige, only perfection is good enough for us. Sharp, aggressive, elegant - three words best describe Velocity perfectly. The INOVIT Prestige Velocity will be available 20" staggered onl...

Our New Specific Categories for Splitting Markets

Thursday, 02 March 2006
INOVIT decides to split its designs into specific categories – IVT, Asuka, and Prestige. We start to build a professional company identifying all segments of the marketplace through these designated wheel ranges.