Autosport International 2005 - INOVIT's First Show

Thursday, 13 January 2005
INOVIT attended the first trade show in our history, and the response to our products was overwhelming. We could have sold out our stock twice over thanks to the mount of interest we had!

Our Very First Aftermarket Sales

Wednesday, 14 January 2004
For the designs we had launched via press release, the stock came flowing in and we made the first sales of our own branded products to the first customer in the UK.

Prestige SPIN Sets the Trend for the Industry

Tuesday, 04 November 2003
INOVIT launched a small range of its own designs including the DTM and now iconic SPIN which set the trend in the industry for its style of finish – Gloss Black/Machined Face – incorporating the company trademark 'teardrop' accent to distinguish our brand.   We believe this wheel started the Machined-Face look, which is now commonplace in the industry. The DTM was an extremely popular dished cross-spoke design and became an instant hit.

The Launch of Our Own Aftermarket Brand

Monday, 03 November 2003
We opened our second warehouse in Coventry in the Heart of England with stock capacity of 8,000 wheels and tyres. INOVIT International Limited was registered as the company name followed by the launch of our very own aftermarket brand.

The First Warehouse in the Netherlands

Tuesday, 18 January 2000
With the sales doubling every year thanks to a growing market in the UK and support from a major Italian supplier, the business acquired its first warehouse in the Netherlands, with a stock capacity of 4000 wheels.