The New Range of ASUKA RACING

Monday, 10 April 2006
EV32, NZ51, ST16, ST15 joined the TR17 and RD21 in the new range called ASUKA RACING which is focused on the Japanese tuning scene but also with cross-compatibility for European and American brands.

A Great Transformation in the Prestige SPIN

Sunday, 02 April 2006
We are forced to temporarily stop producing the SPIN due to its popularity, the bottom die on the mould actually broke! So we decided to keep with our nature and improve the design by utilizing under-cutting technology and engraving the name of the wheel on the undercut surface to give the classic design a little lift, and WOW, what a transformation! There is also a new design for the INOVIT Prestige range, due for release very soon so watch this space (hint – RTO!)

Our New Specific Categories for Splitting Markets

Thursday, 02 March 2006
INOVIT decides to split its designs into specific categories – IVT, Asuka, and Prestige. We start to build a professional company identifying all segments of the marketplace through these designated wheel ranges.  

Autosport International 2006 -

Thursday, 12 January 2006
INOVIT was so well received at the first two trade shows where we exhibited, we decided to double the size of the booth to show the public and the trade how much we have progressed since we attended last time. We acquired many more customers, and the public seemed to embrace all of our new products.

Max Power Show 2005 -

Friday, 01 July 2005
INOVIT attended its second trade show, and the brand started to get serious recognition in the industry. Our competition knew we were here to stay! Max Power even voted our range as the best newcomer award!