Showing at the Shanghai CITEXPO

Friday, 18 September 2009
INOVIT attends the Shanghai CITEXPO. It’s the biggest trade show in the Far East and Inovit exhibited the largest number of wheels from any manufacturer and also had one of the biggest trade stands for a private organization anyone had seen before!  

The Accomplishment of New Factory

Tuesday, 01 September 2009
The factory buildings are completed and work begins on the interior fittings for the staff quarters, office buildings and of course the factory operation buildings themselves.

A Brand New Factory is Planned

Tuesday, 10 February 2009
A BRAND NEW FACTORY is planned. The decision was taken to undertake the project of building our very own factory, and in February 2009 the first construction work began.

We Are at the Top in Creating Each Individual Company

Thursday, 02 October 2008
INOVIT decided that it was time a bespoke system was designed to regulate the ordering and shipments of its products to all of our depots so the online ERP system was created.   Our in-house I.T. department worked day and night to create a system that could track an order from the day it was submitted to the minute it landed in stock.

New INOVIT Inc in the USA

Saturday, 23 August 2008
INOVIT decide to set up its 2nd division, in the USA. With 10 years hard work in Europe and Asia, now INOVIT is going to bring its already popular products into the world’s biggest single market, USA. We are here to stay. Securing a valued member of staff from the US industry market and our new 10000 squarefoot warhouse in Sante Fe, California, we are ready to serve the west coast.